Here is the latest round of slides that I was able to find and scan in. Some of these are from our Alaska trip in 1964. Captions are included where it makes sense. Email me at [email protected] with questions/comments.
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Rocky Moutain NP, CO - Leaving East (1963)

Sequoia NP, CA (1963)

Skihist Campground, B.C. - Milepost 177.9 - Trans-Canada Highway (7/22/64)

Bijoux Falls, B.C. - Milepost 119 - Hart Highway (7/22/64)

Milepost 395 - Alaska Highway, B.C. (7/24/64)

Milepost 426 - Alaska Highway, B.C. (7/24/64)

Watson Lake Yukon - Milepost 632 - Alaska Highway (7/25/64)

Savage River Campground - Mt. McKinley NP (not Denali!) (8/2/64)

Matuska River Campground - Milepost 101 - Glenn Highway, AK (8/7/64)

Taylor Highway, AK (8/8/64)

Zion NP (1965)

Zion NP - This is not our trailer. My dad must have waited for an Airstream! (1965)

Yosemite NP - Almost looks like an Airstream promo shot. (1965)

Yosemite NP - The ultimate tailgating! After this, my dad put a table mount on the outside of the trailer. That way we could take the table out of the trailer and attach it to the side and then eat outside.

Not quite sure. Could be Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP.

This shot (and the following ones) are from our 1971 (or 1972) Florida trip. We went to see Disney World which had just opened.